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Emmanuel: God With Us

Reflections on the Mystery of Christmas

By Fr. John C. Cusick 

This is celebrated preacher Fr. John Cusick at his inspiring best. After recounting the gospels of Matthew and Mark on the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, Fr. Cusick retells the story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus and he goes where the story leads him, which allows him to stir the soul with beautiful insights that provide a new view of Christmas and promise to last throughout the year. 

Emmanuel God-With-Us dwells among the pain, stands by our loneliness, thrills in our joy and shares our life. Clearly written, this book is packed with surprises that incite wisdom and grace. Give this book to yourself, your family and friends. It is a remarkable gift that will be a  keepsake as well as an invaluable source for meditation on a daily basis every day of the year.

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A Letter to My Freshman Self



By Jim Langford

A Letter to My Freshman Self is an anthology of personal letters from University of Notre Dame’s alumni and present day students to their freshman selves.  Speaking from diverse perspectives,
the authors pass on their unique stories, compelling journeys, and  powerful reflections  to help freshmen make  the most out of their college experience. 

Incoming freshmen will soon learn that they will be very busy. But as the writers in this book testify they may never again have the opportunity and environment needed to grapple with questions about God,
what constitutes a good life, and what their particular calling is. The answers to those questions will shape the rest of their life  The editors, proofreaders and designers are all students in the Glynn Family Honors 
Program at Notre Dame.

ISBN 978-1-7352702-5-8        $14.95

LIFE AS A PIGRIMAGE: Faith, Economics and Social Justice

By Charles K. Wilber

Chuck Wilber and his wife, Mary Ellen, have lived a life of complete dedication to truths worth living for. This memoir stands as their testament.

“There is one false note in this moving and illuminating memoir: Chuck Wilber describes himself as “an ordinary person, one who had not done anything that the wider world would find exceptional.” On the contrary! Professor Wilber distinguished himself in the not-always-overlapping fields of economics and social ethics. He enlivened the dismal science with startling and compelling interventions from the Catholic margins, urging colleagues to heed the imperatives of integral human development: full consideration of the dignity  of each person, solidarity with the dispossessed and, most radically, a preferential option for the poor. Brother  Wilber participated in the flowering of postwar American Catholic social activism and post Vatican II lay-theological  pluralism, and he brought his many friends within and beyond Catholicism into that circle. Pilgrim Wilber survived personal setbacks and tragedies, quietly demonstrating the power of a tenacious faith to sustain and to restore. Father and husband Wilber set an example of fortitude and kindness for all to follow. His is no “ordinary” life, and this is no ordinary memoir; indeed, it is both a rich primary source for historians of American Catholicism, and a deft  spiritual guide for pilgrims of all faiths”.

–Scott Appleby, Professor of History and Dean of the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame has written this pre-publication review:

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SURROUNDED BY LOVE: My Family’s Journey through ALS

Words like “family values” are bandied about often these days. Here is a book that reveals what family values really are. It is the story of a family being challenged by ALS attacking a father and being faced by him, his wife and three daughters.

As Roger Schmitz, a professor, Dean and Vice President of the University of Notre Dame, progressed through the debilitation of this relentless disease, he was surrounded by the love of his family and many close friends. This love did not just happen, it was built over a lifetime of closeness, caring about each other with support through life’s tougher moments.
Though Roger lost his brave battle, his family and friends have never forgotten him.

This is a book that teaches, inspires and moves the reader to cherish the people they are given to love even, and especially, in difficult circumstances.

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MONK’S NOTRE DAME: People, Places and Events

There is no one better than Monk Malloy to share his reflections about the people, places and events that have shaped Our Lady’s University over the past 60 years. He came to campus as an athlete, then was a seminarian, professor, administrator and President for  18 years. This memoir will instruct readers about significant decisions, people, places and events that have made Notre Dame what it is today. It is simply an exceptional read.

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DOING MERCY: A Path to Contemplation

From helping at the Texas border camps to working at Lourdes and taking care of his elderly father, Fr. Corpora shows how each of us can bring mercy to the less fortunate, the forlorn and those who have given up. The rich stories in this book show how each of us can practice mercy and fine the core of all true happiness.

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Dreams Never Die ; Poems, Prose Poems and Illustrations

Fee Thomas is a young poet. What comes through her work is heartbeats from a heart that cares and aches, that believes and hopes. Hers is a heart that has been sorely tested, yet survives and still tastes life and its wonders.

DREAMS DON’T DIE is a book to read time and again. It breathes life.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Fee Thomas lives in North Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was born and raised. Her poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies.

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Spiritual Inspirations from Notre Dame

By Jim Langford

This book is intended to inspire and bring about a rejuvenation of spirit. Habit and everyday life can wear down our faith, hope and love. The readings gathered here are fresh, vivid and helpful gems that

exemplify the ideals of the University of Notre Dame.

“In his latest book, To Stir the Soul, Jim Langford has provided us with a book of magnificent, beautiful and lovely “good nights.” He brings together stories and reflections and poems and writings from many people of different faiths, men and women, living and deceased. Some are well known while others are not so. Jim divides these reflections into the most important topics in this world…faith, hope, love death and life.

“Some of the reflections will make you smile and chuckle. Some of the stories will make you cry and sob. Some of the writings will make you think that the author has been inside of your soul and is talking about you. Some will make you stop and open your eyes and become aware of a reality you never thought about before. These reflections are guaranteed to inspire the reader.

“I wholeheartedly recommend this book. The reader will not be disappointed. On the contrary, the reader will find himself/herself inspired, consoled, challenged and animated in their walk with God.”

From the Foreword by Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C.

ISBN 978-1-7321150-6-4        $16.95

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Never be Ordinary – Wisdom from My Father

This is a warm and wonderful tribute from a son to his father. But it is more than that; it is a book of wisdom. When the author was growing up, he did not pay close attention to things his father, an ordinary man, said to him. Yet, years later, as he looked back on his life, he realized how much his father’s words really did influence his life. Here, Father Cusick presents some of the key things his father taught him. One of them is to keep your eyes and mind wide open “because by doing so you may experience the presence of a guardian angel…who just might remind you of your dad.”

About the Author

Father John Cusick was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1970 and served as a  parish priest at Mary, Seat of Wisdom parish, Park Ridge, IL. He was also a member of the faculty at Niles College of Loyola University, and creator, coordinator and director of Young Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese of Chicago. He was in residence at  Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago from 1985 until he retired from the active priesthood in 2014. He continues to preside and preach at Sunday Mass at Old St. Pat’s on a monthly basis.

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