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LIFE AS A PIGRIMAGE: Faith, Economics and Social Justice




By Charles K. Wilber
Chuck Wilber and his wife, Mary Ellen, have lived a life of complete dedication to truths worth living for. This memoir stands as their testament.
There is one false note in this moving and illuminating memoir: Chuck Wilber describes himself as “an ordinary person, one who had not done anything that the wider world would find exceptional.” On the contrary! Professor Wilber distinguished himself in the not-always-overlapping fields of economics and social ethics. He enlivened the dismal science with startling and compelling interventions from the Catholic margins, urging colleagues to heed the imperatives of integral human development: full consideration of the dignity  of each person, solidarity with the dispossessed and, most radically, a preferential option for the poor. Brother  Wilber participated in the flowering of postwar American Catholic social activism and post Vatican II lay-theological  pluralism, and he brought his many friends within and beyond Catholicism into that circle. Pilgrim Wilber survived personal setbacks and tragedies, quietly demonstrating the power of a tenacious faith to sustain and to restore. Father and husband Wilber set an example of fortitude and kindness for all to follow. His is no “ordinary” life, and this is no ordinary memoir; indeed, it is both a rich primary source for historians of American Catholicism, and a deft  spiritual guide for pilgrims of all faiths”.
— Scott Appleby, Professor of History and Dean of the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame has written this pre-publication review.


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